Posted by Barbara G-B on

Love the idea of a quiz night! it’s a winter thing so perhaps October or November and it would be good to do it either on our usual Tuesday night, in the big room of the DA.

We would need to charge for food. A hot buffet (curry, lasagne etc) or a simple single course with tea & coffee. As our mains cost us £8 and the starter is £4 we could make £2 profit for our charity and then the £5 for the cost of the quiz.  So perhaps £15 in total per person. Teams of 4 and depending on how many teams depends on the prize. Top prize cash, second prize smaller cash and last prize a bottle of wine. 

We could do a quick raffle to make more money or instead, make it more interesting sell bingo tickets as people arrive before the quiz. We do a very quick game of bingo at the end. We take half the takings for the charity and divvy up the other half as prizes; so if we sell at £5 a ticket and 20 people buy them. £50 to the charity, £15 for a line and £35 for the full house. 

Just some ideas to make it a bit more interesting. Maybe even ask the hotel to advertise us on their webpage?

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Posted by Dave Perriman on

Yes the executive have discussed it at one of their meetings and it will be discussed at a future members meeting, other clubs charge £10 and supply a small buffet and have a prize draw, some of which are given by local businesses as well as just the members.

Not too difficult to organise (KISS principl).