1: Ideas
Posted by Dave Perriman on
  • A 10 - 25 mile or so road run on quiet roads answering cryptic questions along the route.
  • Entry Fee £10 per car of 2 people
  • Starting at the Netherthird Community Centre where questionnaires will be issued along with the route.
  • Ending at the centre for prize giving and a bite to eat, burgers etc.
2: Re: Ideas (response to 1)
Posted by Barbara G-B on

Love the idea of the treasure hunt but why only 2 per car? Is it just 2 adults or would 2 adults and 2 kids etc be disqualified?

I just wanted to ask as I’ve never done one before and think it’s a great idea for a family friendly event.


3: Re: Ideas (response to 2)
Posted by Dave Perriman on

In fairness to all I think 2 adults but children would not be a problem with their parents. 

it could be claimed that 3 or 4 adults in a car gave them an unfair advantage. 

4: Re: Ideas (response to 3)
Posted by Barbara G-B on

That makes sense; maximum of 2 adults per car but maybe we could have a family winning car (2 adults and kids under 12) and an adult only winning car for children over 12 and 1 adult. As a fun element a ‘booby‘ prize for the worst team? 

Can I take it the team that answers them all correctly and comes back first wins first prize?  Having never done one before I think its a great idea.

5: Re: Ideas (response to 4)
Posted by Dave Perriman on

Speed is not part of it as we don’t want to upset people or police, it’s more about doing the route which will be proved by the answers they return 

6: Quiz (response to 1)
Posted by Cowanag on

I suggest we take Ardrosssn’s Quiz as a blueprint and work from that. Sure we can make it a success. We just need to choose a day/date that will appeal to participants. 

7: Car treasure hunt (response to 1)
Posted by Cowanag on

timing would be everything for this but could be great fun.