June 2023

June 13

This was our Annual General Meeting to review our activities over the past year.   

Secretary Dave spoke about the increasing volume of reports and communications received regularly from Rotary HQ and elsewhere, most of which he tries to pass on to appropriate members.   He encouraged members to make full use of our new dedicated website.

Treasurer Agnes gave a brief summary of the club’s finances.   At this stage there was £949 in the General Fund and £941 in the Community Fund.   The main charitable appeals responded to were the Ayrshire Hospice and Shelter Box.   Full details will be  presented in the annual accounts.

Attendance Officer John gave a brief comment on the membership and attendance figures, which have not been high but have been steady.   Of the 13 members, 2 or 3 had health reasons for absences, but the other 9 or 10 attended as frequently as they could, the average attendance being 8 or9.

President Gerald gave a comprehensive review of his (third consecutive) year in office and thanked all members for their efforts and support.

In general business, club officers for the next year were confirmed.   It was agreed that Jimmy McGhee who is retiring from membership after a few years of ill health should be made an Honorary Member.   Agnes asked all members to consider which major charity should be supported by our fund raising efforts over the next year.   She also reminded fellow ramblers that the next outing would be the 90th and suggested a walk around the Dumfries House grounds, followed by a visit to the cafe.

June 27

This was the final meeting of the 2022-23 Rotary Year, to which partners, guests and Honorary Members were invited.   We had an attendance of 19, made up of 11 members, 1 Honorary Member, 6 partners and 1 guest.

Prior to the meeting, we started with a presentation of a cheque to Ron Swanson of the Ayrshire Hospice, bringing the total over the year to £1500.   Ron declined the invitation to stay for the meal.

Various awards were made for members’ efforts over the past few years.   The Loudoun Trophy was awarded to John Swanson for his “club historian” efforts, the Inner Wheel Quaich to Sylvia Reid for her “international efforts”.   Honorary Member  status was awarded to Jimmy McGhee for his long service to the club and Rotary in general.   Bouquets of flowers were presented to family members Effie and Alison who have been stalwart supporters of both Jimmy and the Rotary club.

President Gerald’s final duty was to present the chain of office to the new President, Jim Kyle.   President Jim then thanked Gerald for his efforts and presented him with a Past President’s badge.   The new President Elect, Barbara Goudie-Bradford, was also  welcomed to her new role with a badge of office.

The final piece of business was the club raffle.   Members had each donated an item, and most members or their partners received a prize, 2 members declining a second prize to enable the goodies to be shared as widely as possible.

At the end of the formal proceedings, members and guests continued to mingle, and were able to examine (and be photographed with) the Scottish Junior Cup which was won recently by Cumnock Juniors Football Club.   This had been brought to the meeting by Jimmy McGhee, who is a strong supporter as well as sponsor of the club.

09:37, 25 Jul 2023 by David Perriman