April 2023

April 4

Attendance was 10 to hear our speaker, fellow  Rotarian Ian Dale.   His topic was the history of poisoning, from the times of Ancient Greece to the present century.   Human beings have always been at risk from poisonous substances , but many have been the victims of deliberate poisoning, either as punishment for some crime or by their enemies e.g. poisonous arrows or the point of an umbrella!   

His examples ranged from Socrates and Aristotle to Madeleine Smith (Glasgow in the  1800s), Dr. Crippen, Gruinard Island (Anthrax) and Litvinenko (former Soviet Agent in  2006).   Whist some poisonous substances in a mild form have been and are still used for beneficial medical or cosmetic purposes, knowing what could be a lethal dose is very important. 

We heard that there was some doubt about the number of teams for the P7 Quiz on April 21 and it may need to be postponed.   The members raffle was won by Barbara  Goudie- Bradford.

April 18

No speaker tonight – attendance 10.

It was agreed to cancel the proposed P7 Quiz as one team has withdrawn and another is doubtful.   It was decided to try again later in the year and perhaps not schedule it for a Friday evening.

We have confirmed that we would take a stall at the Holy Fair in Mauchline on Saturday May 27, and will give more thought to what should be included as prizes for the winning raffle tickets to be sold on the day.   The proceeds will be put towards our Hospice fundraising.

Our members’ raffle was won by Dave Perriman.

09:32, 25 Jul 2023 by David Perriman